The Best Places To Stick Your Wall Stickers

It’s been a long time since vinyl wall decals or stickers were introduced. They are a great option for those who want to save money and still have a lot of style. The stickers can be easily applied and last for many years. The vast range of sizes, colours and designs are primarily designed with painted walls as a primary consideration

What you might not have known is that wall decals can be stuck anywhere! The stickers will stick inside, outside, up, down, all around, and even on the ceiling. Most stickers are UV resistant vinyl, which means they will remain in place for at least five years. In light of this, it is worth suggesting some ideas for decorating that you may not have previously considered. They can be applied to windows and patio doors because the stickers are identical on both surfaces. Of course, you could use a design based on nature, such as a tree branch or a flocking of birds, but why not try something completely different, like a fireplace? Pick something that is made up of a lot of small pieces or thin flowing lines to avoid blocking too much of the light. Stickers on patio door can also be used to help prevent people from tripping over them.

You can also use smaller designs on mirrors. For example, a flowery design makes a mirror look elegant and sophisticated. If you have a huge bathroom mirror, you could add a pair or eyes! Wall stickers are easy to apply and leave no residue. They can even be used on furniture. You’re always telling us that new cupboard doors will jazz up your kitchen, but it would cost you $5 and take ten minutes for them to be ordered and fitted. How about using stickers instead? There are a variety of architectural designs that would look great in such a setting. A large design could be cut up into smaller pieces and used to cover several cupboard doors. Again, it will look great and not break the bank.