Hardwood Flooring Tips and Tricks

A well-laid, hardwood floor will always be one of the most attractive and durable floorings available. The majority of people do not realize that hardwood floor installation is actually a long and complicated process. Although installing wood flooring is not an easy task that you can do on a Saturday, here are a couple of tips to help.

It is important to ensure that your surface for floor installation will be clean, flat, and completely dry. If the surface on which you are installing your wood floor isn’t level, it will be difficult and not produce satisfactory results.
Installing the hardwood floor easier is possible by stacking it in your home a few day before your project.
If you are installing a floor, be sure to add a layer asphalt felt. It will make it easier for the installer and it’ll protect your substrate.
Make sure you include in your plans a tablesaw, circular saw, or power saw. They will be much more convenient for cutting boards into the desired length.
Make sure there are no joints in a single row that are closer than 6 inch to the joint of a neighboring row. Also, make sure all end pieces on whichever row you choose have elongated ends that measure at least 8 inches.
It is wise to invest in a wooden floor nailer to fix the strips of hardwood to the supporting joists when installing hardwood over large areas. The surface can get damaged if not done correctly.
A reducer strip is an excellent idea if the wood flooring will be butting up to a floor adjacent that’s of a lower level. People can trip over even a slight change in elevation.

Wood floor installation, although a possible DIY project, can prove to be difficult for novices. You can easily damage your flooring. It can also be difficult to work with uneven surfaces or rooms that are not square.It may make sense to find contractors who specialize in Hardwood Flooring Installation and buy your own materials if you’re not a skilled carpenter or don’t know anyone who is. So you save money, but still receive the benefits of professional installation. You will save money if you do it right, rather than making a mistake and needing to replace your flooring, or have someone remove what you already did and refit the work.