Gem Therapy

Its rarity increases their value visit this link, and only the most rich and powerful families could acquire them —-. To show this wealth and power men too would sport gemstones on their bodies.

These precious stones, along with silver and gold, were part the financial reserve of many ancient and medieval monarchies. Jewels, pearls, and precious stones were the hallmark of great rulers. They were set with gold chains and necklaces made from silver and gold. They made the king more prominent among his subjects by displaying his wealth, power, and status.

The semi-precious and valuable stones are also used for their other benefits. A gem’s cut clarity or inherent color is said to affect the flow and quality of the natural sunlight, which can influence the aura (inner glow), around an individual. Astrologers or gem therapists believe that each person’s aura is dependent on the positions of the planets in their birth charts (janam patri), but also on the evolution of the individual. The proper gemstone can fix any deficiencies or problems with personality or in professional relationships.

Secretly, past kings used spells and magic against one another, in addition to the battlefields and diplomacy. These gems provided protection from evil rituals or spells. They are no longer popular, but many still trust in the impact of gemstones and how they can affect a person’s life and future. Gemstones can be worn for spiritual or religious purposes. There is no harm to other people or yourself and there is no violation of law (apart from common sense). I have received advice to wear (and have worn) pearls —-sometimes when life is not moving in the right direction or when I suffer from an extreme form of illness.

People’s auras are affected by gemstones used externally such as in ear-rings. Necklaces. Crowns. The ancient Indian astronomer-astrologer Varahamihira compiled the Hora Sara listing the various gems and their properties and uses. This data has been supplemented through works in other cultures, and it is supported (as claimed to be) by modern research about the chemical/physical properties of gemstones. Astrologers advise that stones be worn in rings so the skin can be touched.

This is the list of gemstones, along with their therapeutic value. The Hindi names are in italics.

1) White pearl (moti) – This white stone improves your memory, relieves eye-troubles as well as mental calm.

2) Emerald (panna), which is a type of green stone that’s said to be able to relieve heart disease, brain diseases, strokes, diabetes, and trouble with the nose.

Hessonite is also called gomed. It’s an orange-brownstone (hence the nickname go-medh, or cow’s urine), and it treats both external burns (and acidity). It can be used to relieve pains or cool down your body.

Ruby (mani), which is a form of red rock that raises an individual’s self-esteem and makes them happier and more social. It’s also good for ulcers, stomach ache, and rheumatism.

5) Coral, (munga) – This redstone is also useful in treating piles, diabetes, blindness, impotency and measles.

Blue Sapphire (neelam); a blue-colored stone that can treat nervousness, mental disorders as well as bladder, kidney, and bladder issues.

7) Cat’s eye (lahsuniya), is a yellow/gold colored gemstone that can be used for all stages.

8) A transparent gem called diamond (heera), that is used to prevent the formation mucous or pus, and treats diabetes and STDs.

9) Yellow Saphira (pukhraj), also known as the yellow saphira, is an important stone for treating throat problems and teeth issues.

These characteristics are not clinically verified and their application depends on each individual’s faith. This list should be read carefully to ensure that these stones can’t be bought or worn. Astrologers, as well as gem therapists, will provide loaned gems for the length of their advice. Although many people do this just to get rich, there are some respected astrologers willing to take back the diamond once it has been worn. Other astrologers may return cash if the stone does not work as desired.