Family Camping Ideas: Easy Recipes For Everyone

It’s important to be prepared with some simple family camping food if you’ve ever been late, hungry, and in the rain or cold Sometimes, we don’t plan for this to happen. But it does. And you have to make sure everyone is fed quickly. On a chilly night, nothing cheers up the people more than a tasty hot meal. How can you perform this miracle of warmth?


It is easiest to prepare meals for camp in a rush if you plan ahead at home. You don’t have to list every meal on the menu each day. This means that you need to plan and buy meals that can be prepared easily in the camp kitchen. Make it easier by doing as much work as possible in your kitchen. Plan ahead and prepare a few “emergency” one-pot meals like soup, spaghetti, chili and stew. Prepare the meals at home. Pack them in 1 or 2 servings, depending on how many people you have. Freeze any that you won’t need right away. They can be used as extra ice for your cooler.


I said to do as much food preparation as you could at home. It’s so much easier to chop up vegetables for stir fry at your home, mix up the sauce and store it in a jar. Then you can cook your rice/noodles at camp. You can also prepare dry mixes at home. You can make your famous upside down cake or pancake mix at home. Just bag the dry ingredients and label them with what you need – milk, egg, etc. Add your wet ingredient and mix in the bag. Mixing bowls can be made from sturdy storage bags, saving you the trouble of washing a dish.


Fun family camping meals are important! Camping should always be fun! Plan to cook some tin foiled hobo meals and have everyone help you prepare them. S’mores are a must!