Botox & Fillers: Non-Surgical Facial Revitalization

Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the U.S. It is also a favorite for men and woman who want to rejuvenate their face without eyelid surgery portland. Botox was used to treat spastic disorders of the eyelids in 1980s. It is the most effective treatment for blepharospasm. Most ophthalmologists use it with many years of practice.

Facial fillers, a non-surgical option for rejuvenation of the face, are extremely popular. They can be used as a standalone treatment, or in conjunction with Botox. They restore lost volume underneath the skin to reduce wrinkles, sagging and hollowness. Most commonly they are used on the lips or around the mouth. These products are also very effective for restoring volume in the area around the eye. Recent technological advances have led to more long-lasting, natural results than ever before.

Botox is an all-natural substance that relaxes muscles for a period of three to four months. Botox is a natural substance that causes muscle relaxation. It can be used in large doses to weaken the muscles, but at lower doses it will only cause a subtle weakening. These effects can be harnessed to improve frowns lines between the eyebrows and crows’ feet on the outer corners. They also help with eyebrow height and shape. Botox may also be used for vertical lip lines, a downward turn of the lips, or twitching and spasms in the cheeks, eyelids and face.